Jansen Sketchup Models

Sketchup (Pro) is without a doubt one of the most used 3D programs in the world. Many architects and interior designers use it from an early stage of the design process.

In order to allow for a quick and accurate design process, we provide access to a number of ready-to-use Sketchup models and various Jansen systems in addition to our consultancy services. The Jansen 3D models are freely available for download on 3D Warehouse.

The Sketchup models are made in such a way that they can be adjusted easily. You can change glazing frames, for example, or adjust the side or upper light.

In order to optimally benefit from our 3D models, we recommend installing a free Sketchup script that allows you to adjust the window height and width without changing the scale. You can request this script including a brief explanation on its use from us by email. We will send you the information as quickly as possible.