Harvest Bay


What if the world’s most light-weight steel construction system were combined with the world’s most sustainable steel curtain wall system (Jansen Viss)? That is exactly what we have done, offering a gigantic CO2 reduction and a solid ROI. Jansen not only decided to move towards circularity, but to offer an integral service in collaboration with multiple market players on top of that. We have become experts at connecting the dots, i.e. how a the Harvest Bay community deals with residual value, because construction waste is nothing more than a design flaw.

Who will join our Harvest Bay community? Partners, designers, investors; all are welcome. The benefits are too good to pass on! We are looking for new partners and principals for our integral construction concept.

Circulaire oplossingen - LSF Facade Community

The Challenge

Fifty years’ experience in Façade technology should be challenged from time to time. Students from TU Delft, the Ghent University architecture faculty and others regularly present us with interesting cases. We noticed an increasing demand for façade solutions made of recycled material. Intense brainstorming and experimentation led us to come up with interesting varieties together, which we managed to translate into market solutions.

The societal challenge may be greater yet. Reducing CO2 and using recycled material for construction are tasks that don’t come with a ready-made solution, but that does not mean we shouldn’t try.

Smart Connections

Some will say that we are front-runners as it is. We deem ourselves ambitious, curious and involved. Plus, we are among those who find themselves in the midst of a transition from linear to circular.

This requires time and continued research, but nothing is stopping us from bundling all knowledge now, building knowledge together with partners and starting to build circularly irrespective of the initial difficulties this poses. We have a clear understanding of the environmental data of Jansen systems and are proud of the fact that they are some of the most sustainable systems in their categories. This is due to the enormous recycling potential of steel, which constitutes the foundation of our business intended to offer added value to investors and principals. Simultaneously, we help reduce CO2 while learning from our initial experience.

Circulaire oplossingen - LSF Facade Community


“Reversible Design” and the high residual value of steel make the added value of the investment truly tangible. Smart and resource-efficient design allows for swift, time-saving disassembly.


Integral construction is the key. Light steel constructions are prefabricated as much as possible and fitted with the necessary installations by our partner companies. The construction connections are reversible, which means everything can be disassembled or expanded as per a (new) principal’s request. An existing building can be fitted with additional floors; a home with an extension. We adapt to the newly desired situation and provide insight into the gains.


A circular service sometimes means we do not construct. Old construction elements can be renovated which extends their lifespan. If the construction remains our property, this is also in our own best interest. A building owner wants reliability throughout its use which means outsourcing maintenance to specialists. The Harvest Bay Community offers active maintenance of delivered constructions which optimizes residual value. We formulate a tailored plan together with the user.


Circular demolition is now referred to as harvest. This stage used to be neglected in construction processes because we were failing to take it into account sufficiently when delivering a project.

More and more often, a construction project begins with harvesting resources in order to reuse them somewhere else. Today, this is our point of departure. We do not use new resources before deploying reusable resources from our network. The end is where we start from.

Circulaire oplossingen - LSF Facade Community