Piet Boon by Jansen

Exclusive bespoke collection

 Jansen AG and Studio Piet Boon joined forces to design an exclusive and elegant range of steel doors. Central to the products is the shared passion for craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail. The team at Studio Piet Boon has designed a high-quality steel profile, suitable for both interior and exterior applications. The bespoke collection is called Piet Boon by Jansen and contains standard, pivot and swivel doors as well as a frame for a glass façade.

The collection of steel doors and frames, including design-oriented details, such as window or door handles, provides a seamless connection to other spaces. The frame design makes a subtle statement and creates a strong foundation in any interior and exterior. For example, the studio team looked at interesting examples in architecture of fine door frames and Z directions. In addition, it was essential to create a design that could be beautifully finished on both sides so that there is no aesthetic difference between the front and back of the frame.

Neutral color pallete 

The collection includes a variety of neutral tones, from lighter to darker shades, delivered in the highest quality finishes from matte to glossy.

The neutral color palette for the frames includes a range of eight recognizable Piet Boon colors: CHALK, SHELL, DUST, PEBBLE, ROCK, MUD, COAL en BRONZE.

A strong foundation in any interior and exterior

 Technical details

Steel, a versatile and solid building material, can be used in any type of architecture and is suitable for creating a timeless interior. 

Suitable for indoor and outdoor
All products within the Piet Boon by Jansen collection are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Every door is unique and custom made. Therefore there is a bespoke solution for every residential house, hotel or office. 

Fire resistance
The Piet Boon by Jansen collection has the following certificates: EW60 – EI30 – EI60 – EI90, depending on test reports available in specific countries

Acoustic insulation
The collection consists of products with good sound insulation.

Passive house insulation
If desired, the product can meet passive house insulation.This ensures very good insulation, indoor air quality and low energy consumption.

Burglar-resistant and bullet proof
If desired, the steel door can be designed in such a way that it is burglar-resistant and bulletproof (RC2/3 for outdoor use).

Virtually maintenance free
Steel doors last a very long time. There is little wear and tear and it improves the TCO (total cost of ownership). If necessary, a maintenance plan can be agreed upon with the owner.

The Piet Boon by Jansen steel doors and façades are considered as “Best Choice” by NIBE. In addition, the products can be reused and therefore contribute to a recycling and circular economy.


Piet Boon by Jansen brochure

The collection is built in cooperation with three specialized Jansen AG metal builders in the Netherlands and Belgium: JM van Delft (Drunen), Stieva (Aalsmeer) and Lootens (Deinze, Belgium). 
They have all the processing and installation guidelines for this bespoke collection.

For other Jansen system and documentation like instructional videos, documents for CE marking and more up-to-date information, please continue to the Jansen Docu Centre. Before you can access the centre, you will be asked to complete a one-off sign-up process.

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