Jansen VISS curtain walls

Optimal insulation, slim support structure

The extra-insulated Jansen VISS curtain walling system is characterised by its special seals for improved insulating performance. An additional advantage of these seals is that they optimise aeration and drainage. This system has the plastic insulation clamps used to keep glass panes or panels with a thickness ranging from 6 to 70 mm in place for its excellent thermal insulation properties.

VISS elements can either be welded or connected by plug-in connectors. With our T-connectors, this system also allows for a modular construction process. As an added advantage, these connectors also form expansion joints between adjacent horizontal elements.

Unlike normal tubular profiles, the steel support profiles have sharp angles and are made with the latest technology. Because the VISS TVS range consists of only a small number of parts and is easy to fit and assemble, it is a very cost-effective façade system that can handle large spans.

Various aluminium and stainless-steel cover strips are also available for the exterior of the VISS system, allowing for a wide range of finishes that will meet your every demand.


With easy-to-apply insulation cores made of plastic foam, the Jansen VISS system can easily be upgraded to an HI system.

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Jansen VISS HI puts excellent Uf values within an arm’s reach, enabling the system to meet the requirements of the Passive House standard or Minergie P-standard.

Environmental rating

From an environmental point of view, the Jansen VISS HI curtain wall system by the Roof & Facade Technology department of ODS b.v. is one of the best options out there, which is why it has deservedly been granted the DUBOkeur® label.


VISS SG structural facades are based on the tried and tested VISS system solution.

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Thanks to the system’s variable glass anchors, it can be used in combination with double or triple insulating glazing up to a thickness of 70 mm. Jansen’s VISS SG system can be combined with all 50 and 60 mm VISS profiles, as well as the VISS Basic solution.

VISS Basic

With VISS Basic, you can apply the sealing principles employed by VISS curtain walling to underlying structures made of steel and stainless steel. Now, you can even implement tried and tested systems when working with existing support structures! Enjoy new levels of design freedom and greater peace of mind during renovations by relying on tried & tested system benefits, particularly with regard to aeration and drainage.

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VISS Basic only requires a small number of parts to be attached to the support structure by means of stainless-steel support anchors that are either welded or screwed in place.


​VISS IxTRA profiles are custom-made profiles that enable architects to design very flexible and unique creations, resulting in slim, self-supporting curtain walling with strong static values and spectacular aesthetics.

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VISS IxTRA profiles are laser welded and therefore have exceptionally sharp angles. In short: a very sleek look!

VISS IxTRA is a project solution that requires close cooperation between the façade builder and the glass supplier during the building process. It is therefore advisable to partner up with ODS and your preferred glazier early on in the design process.


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