Jansen VISS burglar-proof

VISS RC burglar-proof, single-system security!

VISS RC is the logical successor to our renowned VISS WK burglar-proof system. Thanks to the simplified setup and the small number of additional components, VISS RC can be fitted quickly and easily.

In terms of appearance, there is no difference between the VISS RC system and standard VISS systems, which means that VISS RC is perfectly suited to featuring alongside existing VISS and VISS Basic systems. On top of that, VISS RC can be combined with our burglar-proof Janisol window and door solutions, allowing designers to meet all project requirements whilst still achieving a uniform look.

Janisol Arte

Characteristics: Burglary Resistance class RC 2/3/4 in accordance with EN 1627

  • appearance similar to standard VISS curtain walling
  • not recognisable as a burglar-proof system
  • compatible with glass panes from 500 x 500 mm and over
  • filler element thickness: 36 to 70 mm
  • two-way burglar resistance (tested from inside and outside)
  • can be combined with standard VISS curtain walls
  • wind and watertightness equal to standard VISS curtain walling
  • compatible with RC 2/3 Janisol windows and doors
  • CE-marking

VISS bulletproof FB4

Jansen VISS curtain walls are suitable for bulletproof applications up to FB4. Please scroll down to download more information about this application.

Janisol Arte

For more information about this specific application, please contact us.


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