Janisol windows

High insulation values with slim frames

Thanks to their welded joints, steel Janisol (Primo) windows are highly rigid, allowing for large, stable windows with slim profiles. Jansen can also supply curved Janisol (Primo profiles) on request, allowing for arched, round or semi-circular windows.

In addition to fixed windows, Jansen’s extensive range of hardware opens up a world of other options, such as tilt, turn, tilt & turn and casement windows.

Janisol Primo offers improved thermal insulation compared to Janisol and can be combined with various extra-slim profiles. Janisol Primo complies with all modern energy performance rules.

For even better thermal insulation, in combination with triple glazing, we recommend Janisol HI.

Janisol Arte

Janisol HI windows

Incredible insulation: with its steel Janisol HI profile system for windows, Jansen has set new standards in thermal insulation.

Thanks in part to the extremely stable, high-quality insulator, Janisol HI windows have slim face widths (frame 50 mm, leaf 35mm) and can reach Uw-values as high as 0.69 W/ m2K in fixed glazing and 0.8 W/m2k in casement windows.

Profiles with a depth of 90 mm are compatible with side-hung casements with a height of up to 2,800 mm, a weight of up to 180 kg, and a glass thickness of up to 66 mm.

Janisol Arte
Janisol HI’s thermal insulation capabilities has been tested according to EN ISO 10077-2, as well as CE product standard EN 14351-1. On top of that, Janisol HI is the first steel window system to have passed the Swiss Minergie pre-certification process with a view to obtaining the MINERGIE® label.

Naturally, Janisol HI profiles can be powder coated, Which means that Janisol HI windows, like all other Jansen systems, can be finished in any colour and structure.

Janisol HI combines aesthetics with functionality: transparent and energy saving.

Environmental rating

From an environmental point of view, the Janisol HI insulated steel window frame by the Roof & Facade Technology department of ODS b.v. is one of the best options out there, which is why it has deservedly been granted the DUBOkeur® label.

Janisol windows – stainless steel

An energy-saving investment that will last for generations to come. These extremely slim, thermally insulated profiles complete the tried & tested Janissol range with a 1.4410 (AISO 316) steel version, which is particularly suitable:

  • in industrial areas
  • on the coast (because of the salt in the air)
  • in applications with high hygiene requirements
  • near streets (resistant to road salt)

Janisol SG windows (project solution)

Janisol SG windows are a project solution based on our tried & tested Janisol and Janisol Primo windows. Because the glass is bonded to a specially developed leaf profile, these windows have an even slimmer and more transparent external appearance. As an additional advantage, these windows have no external profile, improving their U-value.

Janisol Arte
This project solution is compatible with glass panes with a thickness between 24 and 26 mm. The standard Janisol system fittings can be used to produce SG tilt or tilt and turn windows.

Producing this window requires close cooperation between the processor and the glass supplier, due to the considerable knowledge and special products required for the bonding process.

Our experienced product specialists will gladly help you find and realise project-specific solutions.


For our complete processing and installation guidelines, instructional videos, documents for CE marking and more up-to-date information, please continue to the Jansen Docu Centre. Before you can access the centre, you will be asked to complete a one-off sign-up process.

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