Janisol doors

The Jansen Janisol door system is an insulated, flush system for single and double exterior doors.   The steel elements are connected with a high-quality, fire-resistant insulator reinforced with fibreglass, resulting in a highly insulating, rigid profile with a depth of just 60 mm. Thanks to the use of a heat-resistant insulator, these systems can easily be powder-coated.

Janisol Arte

The Janisol C4 looks identical to the uninsulated Economy systems, allowing you to easily combine various systems in your project whilst achieving a uniform look.

Janisol HI doors

Incredible insulation: with its steel Janisol HI profile system for doors, Jansen has set new standards in thermal insulation.

These super-insulated steel Janisol HI doors minimise heat loss and are particularly suitable for use in heavily frequented public buildings. Jansiol HI doors boast great mechanical stability (rated in class 8 for durability after 1,000,000 cycles according to DIN EN 12400) as well as excellent insulating properties. The polyurethane insulator reinforced with fibreglass ensures that Janisol HI doors have slim face widths and can reach Ud values up to 1.0 W/m2K.

Due to their 80 mm profile depth, they can accommodate panes with a thickness of up to 56 mm.

The maximum door leaf dimensions are 1400 x 3000 mm (wxh). Thanks to our wide range of fittings and accessories, Janisol HI doors can be used for virtually any application. The specially shaped insulator makes it possible to easily insert locks into the profiles. The recesses for locks are situated in the plastic part of the profile and therefore do not need to be milled out in the metal.

Janisol Arte
Janisol HI’s thermal insulation capabilities has been tested according to EN ISO 10077-2, as well as CE product standard EN 14351-1.

Naturally, Janisol HI profiles can be powder coated, which means that Janisol HI doors, like all other Jansen systems, can be finished in any colour and structure.

Janisol HI combines aesthetics with functionality: transparent and energy saving.

Janisol doors – stainless steel

An energy-saving investment that will last for generations to come. These extremely slim, thermally insulated profiles complete the tried & tested Janissol range with a 1.4410 (AISO 316) steel version, which is particularly suitable:

In industrial areas
On the coast (because of the salt in the air)
In applications with high hygiene requirements
Near streets (resistant to road salt)

  • In industriegebieden
  • Aan de kust (omwille van het zout in de lucht)
  • Bij hygiënetoepassingen
  • In de buurt van straten (bestand tegen strooizout)

Janisol pinch-resistant doors

Doors are an often-underestimated source of danger, but door-related accidents can lead to major injuries. Our pinch-resistant doors help solve this problem, minimizing the risk of hinge-related injuries.

Janisol Arte

Jansen’s pinch-resistant doors comply with DIN 18650, and are CE-certified by virtue of adhering to the EN14351-1 product standard for exterior doors. They are compatible with Janisol frames.

In addition, it goes without saying that they can easily be combined with integrated door closers and automatic swing door actuators. Thanks to their low-maintenance and highly efficient top and bottom hinges, Jansen pinch-resistant doors are therefore particularly suitable for use in busy buildings, such as (nursery) schools, shopping centres and hospitals.

Janisol SG structurally glazed doors (project solution)

Janisol SG doors are a project solution based on our tried & tested Janisol doors. Because the glass is bonded to an edge profile, these doors have an even slimmer and more transparent external appearance.

Janisol Arte
Producing this door requires close cooperation between the processor and the glass supplier, due to the considerable knowledge and special products required for the bonding process.

Our experienced product specialists will gladly help you find and realise project-specific solutions.


For our complete processing and installation guidelines, instructional videos, documents for CE marking and more up-to-date information, please continue to the Jansen Docu Centre. Before you can access the centre, you will be asked to complete a one-off sign-up process.

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