Economy doors

Elegant solution should never be hidden

A simple structure, a slim body with an installation depth of either 50 or 60 mm and maximum stability: those are the main characteristics of this range of profiles. The result? Easy realisation and affordable fitting & assembly.

From single doors to double doors with moving and/or fixed transoms and side panels, door structures using Jansen Economy 50/60 open up a world of creative options and can meet any building requirement.

Janisol Arte

Door structures using Economy 50/60 are renowned for their versatility, continuous shadow gaps and a double stop seal. Automatic drop seals and overrun or stop seals can be installed at the threshold.

Environmental rating

From an environmental point of view, the Jansen Economy 50/60 steel interior door system by the Roof & Facade Technology department of ODS b.v. is one of the best options out there, which is why it has deservedly been granted the DUBOkeur® label.


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More projects and realisations

The Chimney House, Sydney

The Chimney House, Sydney

Profile range: Art 15 doors

Architect: Atelier DAU (Emma Rees-Raaijmakers & Suzanne Green)

Execution: Award Architectural Aluminium, Sydney

Villa S The Hague

Villa S The Hague

Profile range: Janisol HI walls, Janisol Sliding door

Architect: RAU

Execution: Zuid-Nederlandse Ramenfabriek

Tervuren Africa Museum

Tervuren Africa Museum

Profile range: VISS Airfront

Architect: Stéphane Beel

Execution: Zuid-Nederlandse Ramenfabriek, Lootens-Line