Economy 50/60 fire resistant

Economy 50 EW60 doors 

Fire-resistant Economy 50 doors made of steel must prevent the spread of fire and smoke for 60 minutes in the event of a fire. This is achieved with matching hardware and a difficult-to-flame, double-stop seal. With this non-insulated system, transparent building elements – such as single and double doors, with sidelights and/or skylights – can be manufactured economically.

The installation depth for doorposts and sashes is only 50 mm.
Economy 50 EW60 is suitable for doors up to 2600 mm in height.

Janisol Arte

This system has the same appearance as the non-fireproof Economy systems and the various Janisol systems so they can be perfectly combined in your project.

Economy 60 EW60 doors

These fire-resistant doors are almost identical in appearance to the Economy 50 series, only the deeper profile (60 mm) and thicker wall (1.75 mm) make this series suitable for making larger fire-resistant doors.

Economy 60 EW60 is suitable for double doors up to 3500 mm in height and for single doors up to 3000 mm in height.

Get the quality you can expect from our product! Fire-resistant Jansen Economy 50 doors are now available with KOMO certification. For detailed information, please refer to our KOMO page. We are convinced that in this way we can offer the assurance you can expect from our product.

Janisol Arte


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