Art’15 sets the tone

The Art’15 profile range was designed for extra-slim steel windows and is ideal for both classic renovation projects and modern interior design projects.

Art’15 is the ideal profile range for stylish steel doors with large panes of glass.

Such steel doors will not only lend a sleek, stylish feel to any interior, but will also provide greater comfort thanks to their continuous double seal and drop seal.

To allow for a more personal touch, the doors offer various glass fitting options, ranging from contour glass frames to profiles and Renoseal, a modern equivalent to putty.


Below is a list of frequently used brochures and CAD files, which can be downloaded from certain PDFs.

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More projects and realisations

Transformation V&D Amsterdam

Transformation V&D Amsterdam

Profile range: Janisol Arte windows

Architect: Office Winhov

Execution: J.M. Van Delft & zn.

Bolidt, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Bolidt, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht

Profile range: Jansen VISS, Art 15

Architect: Lüchinger Architects, Kossman.dejong, RoosRos architecten

Execution: Rollecate

Assen Station, Assen

Assen Station, Assen

Profile range: Jansen Viss High Static

Architect: Powerhouse & De Zwarte Hond

Execution: Jonkers Bouwmetaal