Jansen VISS roof glazing

21/12/2018 | news

We recently launched our new and improved Jansen VISS roof glazing system:


Our new documentation (processor information + processing and fitting guidelines) is now available digitally in the “downloads” section of the product page and the general downloads page.


The latest version of Janisoft uses the new VISS roof glazing system.

Product availability

Jansen kept a stock of all “old” VISS roof glazing products until the end of 2018. Starting from 2019, however, these products were considered obsolete and out of stock. All products belonging to the new system are available effective immediately.

Reduction factor

The new processing and fitting guidelines for VISS roof glazing contain a reduction factor table. This table can also be found in the modified version of the documentation on the VISS support structure (pdf). This documentation also contains separate tables on the glass weight/load-bearing capacity of VISS roof glazing. The reduction factor applies to all these tables.

VISS Basic roof glazing + VISS Fire roof glazing

These systems will remain the same for the time being. Eventually, however, they will also be updated. We will let you know more as soon as we have more information.

Jansen by ODS - VISS Dakbeglazing