JANSEN Partner @ LifeCycles from 28 till 30 September 2022

15/09/2022 | news

Design Fest Gent

During the first edition of the LifeCycles event, JANSEN demonstrated, based on some recent transformations and extensive research, how profile series such as Janisol Arte and Jansen VISS can contribute to life-cycle and cross-generational thinking and a new vision of liveable, sustainable, affordable and future-proof urban development.

From 28 to 30 September 2022, the Ghent Vynckier site was set up as a fantastic backdrop for the LifeCycles event. In close consultation with the city of Ghent, Revive will redevelop this site into a vibrant working environment. An innovative ecosystem will emerge, offering solutions to the major societal challenges of energy transition, urbanisation, mobility and sustainability.

About LifeCycles

Lifecycles was a three-day festival focusing on innovation, architecture and project and urban development. An outstanding selection of innovators and experts presented their experience and insights, aiming to set the agenda for the future.

The programme was structured around six topics: the life cycle of a city, architecture, construction, environment, community and technology. Each of these topics is highly subject to change and innovation. Moreover, they are inextricably linked. Major trends such as urbanisation determine not only the function and infill of our cities, but also the needs and shape of our buildings. At the same time, we face major challenges in terms of mobility and sustainability, we live in an increasingly connected and data-driven society, we are evolving towards smart cities and the construction industry is increasingly focusing on modular and circular construction. This event aimed to bring together all related stakeholders and provide a unique platform for debate, inspiration and future-oriented thinking.

More than 40 speakers were spread over three days and three stages. In addition to individual speakers, moderated debates were scheduled with the opportunity to ask questions.

For more information on the entire programme of the LifeCycles event click here.